The Yellow Page Manager

Picture this:  You hire a handyman to manage your rental properties.  Each time there is an issue, the tenant calls the handyman.  The handyman quickly repairs the issue and problem solved.  Or so you think.  A week later, bills come to you office.  One is from a plumbing company.  Another is from a roofer.  As problems appear, more invoices appear.  What happened?  Founder/Managing Partner Lamar Hunt Jr. knows what happened.  “You hired yourself a Yellow Page Manager.  All he does is go to the rental unit, determine which trade to call then thumbs through a yellow page book or googles a contractor and problem solved.  But the point is, why do you need this guy?  You could do all that yourself and save the money.”  The answer is to carefully screen your handyman and rental managers to make sure they have the experience and expertise to make the necessary repairs.  Also, simply check their tools and see what they have.  Without the proper tools, no one is able to make a needed repair.  For more real estate investment tips, please see our blog at  Of course, you can also call 913-236-2902 if you have a house to sell. We are always looking to buy a nice property.