About Us

About Loretto Properties, LLC, Lamar Hunt, Jr., and James Arkell.  Loretto Properties is a Kansas City real estate company dedicated to providing affordable and quality single-family housing to the community. Their motto “Investing in Families by Investing in Communities” is the belief shared by founders, Lamar Hunt Jr. and James Arkell. Both men live by these words each day. Meet our two passionate founders:

Lamar Hunt, Jr.
Lamar Hunt, Jr. comes from a family of investors. Over fifty years ago, his father Lamar Hunt invested in a new professional sports league called the American Football League (AFL) and started a team called the Dallas Texans. Before the AFL successfully merged with the older and more established NFL, Mr. Hunt relocated the team changing its name to the Kansas City Chiefs. After the success of the United States hosting the 1994 Soccer World Cup, Lamar Hunt, Jr.’s father became a founder/investor in Major League Soccer (MLS) in 1996 and the Hunt family continues to be the owners/operators of the Columbus Crew and FC Dallas franchises. This legacy laid the foundation for Lamar Hunt Jr.’s understanding of the importance of investing in communities.

In 1994, Lamar Hunt, Jr. began his own career in both business and philanthropy. He served on several private school boards in the Dallas area and became active in various charitable endeavors. This early philanthropic work culminated in the present service on the Advisory Board of Catholic Radio, KEXS 1090 Kansas City/Excelsior Springs, Missouri . Recently, the Archbishop of Kansas City , Kansas , the Most Reverend Joseph F. Naumann named Lamar Hunt Jr. as one of twelve members of the Case Review Task Force. In addition, Mr. Hunt also serves on the board of the Kansas City Chief’s Charitable Foundation. Both he and his spouse, Rita, have their own charitable trust that makes gifts in the Dallas and Kansas City metro areas.

With regards to his business career, Lamar Hunt Jr. is the founding/managing partner of Loretto Properties, LLC. He is on the advisory board of the Arrowhead Trusts which manages the Hunt family’s interest in the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL and FC Dallas of the MLS. Lamar also serves on the board of directors of Hunt Midwest Enterprises, a Kansas City company specializing in real estate development and mining.

Mr. Hunt is married to Rita Hunt. Between them, they are the proud parents of nine children and two grandchildren.

James Arkell
The Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of  Loretto Holdings loves helping his fellow man; especially because, at his darkest hour, someone reached out to help him. That experience made James a big believer in second chances. With that second chance, James has built a new life consisting of God, family, and various business and charity pursuits. It should not be a big surprise to those who really know him. Spending time with his wife and four beautiful children as well as working with others who need help through tough times are his favorite things to do.

It all began at an early age. At twelve, James learned the meaning of hard work when he started his own lawn mowing business. The sweat that business produced propelled him to work diligently in school and after college James worked in a variety of positions allowing him to hone his sales and marketing skills and gain the necessary experience to ultimately run his own company.

In 2006, James Arkell started an executive driving service. It quickly became successful. In 2011, James was offered an opportunity with Loretto Properties, LLC. It was the perfect match. The company received a hard working, no-task-is-beneath-me guy and James received a position that not only allowed him to exercise his entrepreneurial talents but help Kansas City families as well. James jumped in with both feet.

From day one, he studied the business. In short order, he learned about the Kansas City real estate market and was buying and renovating single family properties. This put him in contact with families needing quality, comfortable and affordable housing. The families he deals with love him. The bottom line is that Loretto Properties LLC has thrived through his hard work.  In the ten years Loretto has been in business they have quickly expanded from the single family market into commercial real estate development.  Today Lorettto Holdings has an impressive collection of residential and commercial properties they own and manage.

James sits on multiple boards local to Kansas City and loves the opportunity to help and work with charities that help support families.