Smoke Detectors and Seasonal Maintenance

Smoke Detectors and Seasonal Maintenance.  It’s winter time and with the holidays upon us, many people enjoy gathering around a toasty fire. This is a great opportunity for you as a landlord to practice some seasonal safety maintenance. Loretto Properties founders Lamar Hunt Jr and James Arkell are big believers in preventative maintenance for both safety and asset protection. This time of year is a great time to go to each property and make sure that all smoke detectors are operational and installed correctly. As part of the Loretto Properties pre-move checklist we insure all units have working detectors but taking the time to check them especially this time of year gives everyone piece of mind and allows you an opportunity to enter the premises to check on how the tenant is maintaining YOUR investment. I also recommend you buy contractor packs of air filters for the heater to check and if necessary replace that item while you are on the property, this type of preventative maintenance is good for the tenant and good for the property as well.