Selling a Home Series – Part 5: Interior Paint

Selling a Home Series – Part 5: Interior Paint.  Over the last few weeks, Loretto Properties, LLC founders Lamar Hunt, Jr. and James Arkell have shared their experiences and helpful hints for selling a home. This week we cover interior paint. It is something that is often overlooked but some fresh paint can be the difference between an offer and a potential buyer passing. We recently sold a house in Leawood, Kansas where a family had been living. One of the bedrooms was pink, one was a dirty gray color, one bathroom was an unattractive royal blue, and due to the age of the home there were some settling cracks in some places. We spent 600.00 to paint all the above mentioned rooms a stylish (yet neutral) beige color and had the contractors fix the cracks. It gave the home a consistent color scheme and was a night and day difference in the way the home showed. It also contributed to the selling of the home in less than three weeks in a neighborhood where the average time on market was over a year.