Selling a Home Series Part 2

Selling a Home Series Part 2.  Last week Lamar Hunt Jr and James Arkell brought you a series on easy and low cost updates to help sell your home. This week we continue with lighting. You would be amazed at how many houses Lamar and I walk into that have lighting reminiscent of a Wild West casino. The ceiling fan you loved 10 years ago may not be appealing to a potential home buyer. The first thing we do when we start renovating a property is replace the lights with matching lights that are simple, clean, and remarkably inexpensive. We have established a relationship with Wilson Lighting in Overland Park Kansas, a local lighting specialist but if you can’t find a local vendor you can get good deals on lighting at your local “big box” hardware store. If you have any doubts in your ability to install the lights hire a professional electrician. The idea is to save money where you can, not skimp where you need to spend. Like I said last week, you want the house to appear clean, consistent, and current. The idea is to create almost a blank canvas that allows the buyer realize the homes potential and to envision their own style and updates.