Selling a Home Series Part 1

Selling a Home Series Part 1.  Eventually, for all rental property owners, the time will come when you are ready to sell a property. Loretto Properties founders Lamar Hunt, Jr and James Arkell have used their collective experience to bring you a series on selling a property that includes lots of low cost/time ideas that can be the difference between a house that sits on the market and one that sells quickly.

First tip: change out all light switches, outlet covers, and any other face plates. Replace them with white or neutral colored plastic ones that all match. This is a low cost improvement that goes a long way towards giving the house a clean, consistent, and updated look. Most “big box” stores sell these covers for around a dollar a piece and usually give discounts when you buy in quantities of 10 or more. This is an improvement you can easily do yourself and is a low cost (and time) improvement that makes a big difference. Remember what you may think is stylish others might find outdated or unappealing. You want to make sure the buyer recognizes the houses potential can visualize adding their personal touches.