Rental War Stories – Part 2: Who’s Hiding in the Weeds?

Lamar Hunt Jr.Rental War Stories – Part 2: Who’s Hiding in the Weeds?  Founder/Managing Partner Lamar Hunt Jr. has seen all kinds of problems when buying homes and talking to other landlords.  He likes to pass these war stories on.

Recall from Part One a real estate investor had purchased a rural property only to find an upright tombstone hidden among the weeds out back.  What to do? He copied down all the information on the marker and went to town to check local death records.  Since the death on the marker was 1923, he had to go back a ways.  He did not find any such person.  He checked with the seller whom he had purchased the property from and he claimed surprise and ignorance. Finally, he checked past deed records finding no evidence of any Markson’s owning the property.  Of course they could have rented or been in-laws but who knows? Eventually, the investor realized that what probably happened was someone made a tombstone but never used it or perhaps used it in a school play and needed to put it somewhere.

So, he carefully removed the marker, cleared the grass and now a nice family play in the expansive field with no worries of running into a concrete marker.  The lesson here is always check each square inch of the property and wear sturdy clothes when doing it. For more real estate tips on rental real estate property or other subjects, visit our site often.  You can also call us at 913-236-2902 if you have a property to sell.