Real Estate Agent Stories – The Robed Man

Founder/Managing Partner Lamar Hunt Jr. has heard all kinds of stories. One story dealt with an investor who had been negotiating with the buyer’s agent.  After finally coming to a deal, one morning the agent came over to drop off the option money check to the investor.  It was around 9 a.m. when this large man appeared at the investor’s office. He walked in and stood waiting for the investor to meet him in the waiting area.  The staff grew worried and related their concerns to the investor. The investor cautiously made his way to the waiting area and found a site to behold.  This real estate agent had on a thin bathrobe barely covering a low cut v-neck t-shirt and what looked like men’s boxers.  In the middle of his chest were some gold chains and medallions that hung down to his protruding belly.  To round out the appearance, his feet wore thin shower slippers. Obviously, he had just awoken.  The investor shook the agent’s hand, receive a card from the agent out of his robe, took the option check and the deal was done.  Later the property closed with no problems.  The lesson here is that real estate agents come in all different shapes and sizes. While it would be nice that they were all professional looking, their client’s checks clear all the same.  You can’t judge an agent by his bathrobe.  For more real estate tips on rental real estate property or other subjects, see our blog at  You can also call us at 913-236-2902 if you have a property to sell.