Preventative Maintenance Series Part 1: Thermostat batteries

Lamar Hunt Jr.Preventative Maintenance Series Part 1:  Thermostat batteries.  In this series Lamar Hunt Jr and James Arkell will share some strategies for reducing maintenance costs by being proactive. A little known fact is that even if a thermostat is hardwired it may require a working battery to function. I learned this the hard way when I had to pay a heating and cooling specialist over 100.00 to come out and diagnose two dead double batteries. Now whenever a tenant calls and says they are having an issue with the heating and cooling I immediately ask them to change the batteries in the thermostat, most of the time it fixes the issue. I also recommend going to each unit and replacing them annually and leave some extra batteries behind. The more you can do to help your tenants help themselves the more you can save in unnecessary maintenance calls.