Moving a Chapel – Part Three

Lamar-Hunt-Jr.-Chapel-300x225As we reported on the Loretto Charities LLC site, the Little Sisters of the Lamb recently needed a place to stay while their house was being renovated. So Loretto Charities, LLC stepped in to cover the rental costs of a house across the street. Loretto Charities paid for one full year so the nuns could continue their good work. During the renovating process, a beautiful handcrafted wooden chapel inside the house needed to be moved out before renovation could begin. It was delicate and needed professional movers with the right equipment. Founder Lamar Hunt, Jr. decided that Loretto Charities, LLC would pick up the costs for this work.  Here is Lamar discussing the work with some professional movers to before everything is being moved out. Stay tuned for more on this move and see if it went okay. To contact the Sisters: the Little Sisters of the Lamb, 36 S. Boeke St., Kansas City, KS, 66101. See for more information about this fine charity and others we support.