Message from Loretto Properties

I was driving home the other night reflecting on how magical this time of year is.  With the lights, the singing, the tradition, the food, and the overall good cheer that accompanies the holiday season, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and forget what it’s all about.  In a world that pushes politically correct instead of individual belief, we often miss the message of Christmas which is actually a celebration of the family and overcoming obstacles through faith and perseverance.  Christmas used to be a time of coming together for “peace on earth and goodwill towards man,” a time for reflection and appreciation of all the gifts we are blessed with.  As a society, we have taken the true meaning of Christmas out of Christmas and turned it into a secular celebration of greed and materialism.

Christmas is a time of year to remind ourselves of the truth, a time to inventory the previous year, and a time to slow down and appreciate all we’ve been given.  A very important message of Christmas is that of selfless giving.  More importantly, it’s the message of that first Christmas. For the birth of Christ in that manger in Bethlehem was a gift, a present from a loving heavenly Father to his lost and hurting children, a gift the Bible says brought “good tidings of great joy” to giver and receiver alike.  Keeping this in mind, ask yourselves where can I help this Christmas, where can I be of service to those around me and to avoid missing the important and simple message of Christmas that is outlined in every joyous carol being sung on street corners.  I challenge you like I challenge myself this year to focus on what’s important…family, friends, faith, and good will to our fellow man.  From our family at Loretto Properties to yours Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

James Arkell

Lamar Hunt Jr.