Loretto Properties Loves Kansas City

Being able to work and live in the Kansas City is a true privilege. Founder/Managing Partner Lamar Hunt Jr. has enjoyed the friendliness of the people and the excellent business climate.  Director of Marketing James Arkell agrees but he also loves the eating establishments.  Speaking of James, he does a lot of the daily work of Loretto Properties.  He will usually be the one you are talking to should you have a house to sell.  And buying houses is what James does each week.  Paying cash for houses that James buys in the Kansas City area is the business of Loretto Properties.  Loretto Properties also rents nice homes to good families looking for a good value.  If you are looking to rent one of these houses, you can see our website athttps://lorettoproperties.com/.  You can also call us at 913-236-2902 if you have a property to sell.