Locks and Properties

Founder/Managing Partner Lamar Hunt, Jr. has learned the hard way about securing a property the right way.  He has discovered that changing the locks when you first own a house is a smart move.  “We like to changes the locks first because we have no way of knowing who has keys to our new house.” Lamar goes on to explain that installing locks with certain cylinders makes it easy to change out the keys down the road.  “When we rent out the property and we need to change out the locks, instead of taking the entire lock off, we simple pop out the small cylinder and pop in a new one.  It’s already keyed and the whole process might take five minutes.”  Lamar Hunt, Jr. Founder/Managing Partner of Loretto Properties LLC. goes on to explain that keeping the costs low helps the bottom line.  Plus, it keeps rental rates down.  If you have a property to sell, please call 913-236-2902 or check out the website at https://lorettoproperties.com/.