Keeping An Eye on Utilities Helps Your ROI

Founder/Managing Partner Lamar Hunt, Jr. has seen a few high utility bills in his time.  Watching utilities during the repair phase and the leasing phase is vital.  “During the repair phase, contractors want to be comfortable and often, they will quit at the end of the day and leave the air conditioning or heating running.  This can be a huge surprise when the bill comes due. Unfortunately, the bill comes after a month’s worth of waste.”  Lamar recommends holding the contractors responsible up front.  Also, his staff places taped notes around the thermostats to remind the contractors to shut them off.  Having a staff member occasionally check on the properties after the contractors have left for the day is a good idea.  “During leasing time, the agents will show the property and forget to turn them off.  Have your staff on notice to check behind these agents.  Also, notes around the thermostat are a good idea for the agents as well.  Keep in mind that utilities hit the bottomline just like everything else.” Please follow our blog at for more good information in this continuing series.  Of course, you can also call 913-236-2902 if you have property to sell.