Handy Tool Kit Series – Screwdrivers

Lamar-Hunt-Jr.-Screwdrivers-300x225This is not a reference to an adult beverage but another post in our series of what to carry in your Handy Tool Kit presented by Founder/Managing Partner Lamar Hunt Jr.  Having a solid set of screwdrivers is a must in your handy tool kit.  When laying out a set which screwdrivers to take, you want a good selection of both slotted and Phillips Head.  Take your time and consider one real short driver for each head type.  A small screwdriver comes is great for tight spots.  As we have said many times, having the right tool when you need it saves time and money from having to come back or send someone else.  Make sure you also take some long screwdrivers because the extended length can access those hard-to-reach spots.  Finally, the Phillips head screwdrivers come in different size heads.  Look at each Phillips head and ensure you have a decent range of heads to fit a variety of screws. For more Handy Tool Kit posts, see our blog at  https://lorettoproperties.com/.  You can also call us at 913-236-2902 if you have a property to sell.