Handy Tool Kit Series – Needle Nose Pliers

Lamar-Hunt-Jr.-Needle-Pliars-300x225Founder/Managing Partner Lamar Hunt Jr. finds many uses for his needle nose pliers.  “I carry a big one and tiny one for different reasons.  The tiny one can reach into a small hole and pick up a bolt, nut or screw.  Its narrow profile can dig deep and grab onto the dropped or missing item.  The bigger pair can twist wire and cut electrical cords.  Also, I sometimes need to flatten an item out and the larger pair can do a great job on that.”  Lamar recommends carrying two pair of needle nose pliers in your handy tool kit.  For more in this handy tool kit series or real estate tips in general, see our blog at https://lorettoproperties.com/.  You can also call us at 913-236-2902 if you have a property to sell.