Handy Tool Kit Series – Chisel

Loretto-Properties-Chisel-300x225Founder/Managing Partner Lamar Hunt Jr. occasionally inspects a property and finds a door has shifted.  Sometimes, the strike will not fit into the strike plate because the jamb was not mortised out properly.  That’s when a chisel comes in handy.  I couple of taps from a rubber mallet or steel claw hammer and the offending wood is removed.  Problem solved.  A chisel is excellent for removing burrs and imperfections from wood.  This can not only make the wood look nice but will make it safe for the tenants who won’t rake their skin across the protrusion.  A good sharp chisel is a nice addition to your Handy Tool Kit.  For more real estate tips on this subject or other subjects, see our blog at https://lorettoproperties.com/.  You can also call us at 913-236-2902 if you have a property to sell.