Go For Local Contractors

Founder/Managing Partner Lamar Hunt, Jr. likes using local contractors even though it may cost more.  “Local contractors understand the neighborhoods of our properties.  They know the right materials and tastes of our clients.”  Lamar also loves the fact that his local contractors can get to the property quicker if there is an emergency or a need for quick work.  But finding good local contractors is not as easy as simply opening up the local phone book.  “We listen to people we do business with for referrals and then we closely watch over the ones we try out.  Over time, you can really see the contractors who go the extra mile and these are the ones we give all of our work to.”   But Lamar Hunt has learned that you have to bringing in rookies to challenge the veterans and take a veteran’s place when a long time contractor has an issue where they can no longer perform at a high level.  “We are always watching all of our contractors to make sure they are getting the work done right.  But definitely, using good local contractors are good for business.  So we will continue doing so wherever possible.”  If you have a property to sell, please call Lamar Hunt, Jr. at  913-236-2902 or check out the website at https://lorettoproperties.com/.