Finding A Reliable Handyman

Founder/Managing Partner Lamar Hunt, Jr. understands the value of finding a reliable handyman.  “A handyman is one who can actually fix things.  Too many times the handyman thinks his job is to determine who to call when something is wrong.  We called him to fix it, not to call someone else.”  A good handyman is one who is honest and tells you the truth.  He is also fair on his prices if he is not an employee.  He will clean up after himself and not leave the gate open for intruders or pets to run away.  A good handyman can get to the property quickly.  He will also have a decent appearance for tenants and prospective tenants/buyers.  Try to find a handyman with which you can develop a long term relationship.  They can be worth their weight in gold.  For more real estate investment tips, please see our blog at  You can also call 913-236-2902 if you have property to sell.