Financial Issues with Homeowners

Homeowners who are having financial difficulties often realize that they have bought too much house for their budget.  Or perhaps they have lost a job or some income and need to downsize.  Buying houses from folks who are having financial issues can be emotional and a savvy real estate investor needs to understand that.  Founder/Managing Partner Lamar Hunt Jr. offers this advice, “If a seller is having financial problems, be sensitive on the front end and listen more than talk.  The seller may want to get some frustrations off his or her chest.  Listen and understand.  Gently move the seller towards the resolution they know they need:  selling their house.  Oftentimes, the seller may need help with moving and other perks that a real estate investor can manage.  Occasionally, the seller just wants to hand-over the keys and move on.  Whatever the situation, slow down and carefully sort out what the seller wants/needs from what they are saying.  Be their solution not another problem they will have to deal with.  For more real estate tips on buying property, see our blog at and you can call us at 913-236-2902 if you have a house to sell or know someone who does.