Don’t get bugged

Founder/Managing Partner Lamar Hunt, Jr. laughs when he thinks of a story a friend told him.  “This real estate investor went to look at a house and it was hot outside, right in the middle of summer.  He knew something wasn’t right when the owner walked right up the front door, opened it and let him in but did not follow.  As he is looking through the property, he notices a bunch of soot falling on his arms and face.  He looks around trying to see where the fire had burned the house and to find the source of the soot.  After looking around, he realized the soot on his arms was moving.  He was covered not in soot but in fleas.  The house had fleas everywhere.  It was a complete mess.  When he went out to his car, the only way to rid himself of the fleas was to take off his clothes (not possible in a residential area) or take the diet coke he had and wash himself off.”  When Lamar tells this story, it has a point:  take some bug spray with you in your car.  It may just make your day!  For more real estate investment tips, please see our blog at  Of course, you can also call 913-236-2902 if you have property to sell. We are always looking to buy a nice property.