Appliance Hunting

Appliance hunting!  Loretto Properties, LLC founders Lamar Hunt Jr. and James Arkell recently completed a series designed to help you sell your homes by making a few inexpensive improvements. Today we will be talking about another improvement you can make whether you are selling your home or keeping it as a rental. The kitchen is a very important room in a house and often the appliances can be a big drain on the pocket book as well as the appeal of the room. One trick Lamar and I have discovered is buying clearance items from your local “big box” stores like Lowes and Home Depot. These are items that have typically been returned, are floor models, were damaged but now repaired, or closeouts. They come with full manufacturer’s warranty and still qualify for any delivery specials they may have going on. Don’t be afraid to ask for an additional mark down, the department manager has the authority to make pricing adjustments. Every time I’m at one of these stores the first place I go is the clearance section, it’s become a game to see what the best deal I can get is. So far it’s been 75% off of a stainless steel refrigerator that’s only issue was some minor scuffing from moving it. The best way to make money in the rental business is to constantly find ways to save money.