A Block of Homes

Lamar Hunt, Jr. loves to buy in bulk, and that applies to single family homes.  “Occasionally, a block of homes are for sale.  There are many reasons for this.  One reason is when a professional landlord owns five or six rental units and decides to retire.  Sometimes, landlords have financial issues and need to restructure their business.  Selling several of their units quickly may make good sense.  Another situation that happens quite often is when the family or estate of a professional landlord need to sell their loved one’s properties because they either lack the skill or desire to manage rental properties.”  When more than one house needs to be sold, the seller needs to find a buyer that can handle the purchase and pay cash.  The air gets thin as do the potential buyers when four or more homes need to sold to one person.  Lamar Hunt Jr.’s Loretto Properties, LLC can likely handle it.  Call them today at 913-236-2902 or check out the website at https://lorettoproperties.com/ if you have a block of homes to sell.